ISM Guides specialise in ‘alpine-style’ expeditions to the Greater Ranges, running trips each year to Kyrgyzstan, The Andes and Greenland as well as other Private and Custom Expeditions elsewhere around the world such as Alaska.

Kyrgyzstan 2019 6770

Virgin Peaks of the Tien Shan (late Aug - early Sept)

Since 1995 Pat Littlejohn and Adrian Nelhams have been running adventurous expeditions to little-explored mountain ranges in Central Asia, making the first ascents of over fifty peaks, many of them stunning summits and among the most important in their area. An opportunity to combine fantastic mountaineering with genuine exploration.

These expeditions visit very remote areas and can involve tough conditions in the high camps. They are recommended for people who are adventurous, hardy, and who have had at least two alpine climbing trips and/or previous expedition experience.


Andes Summits (late May / early June)

The Cordillera Blanca of Peru is an enchanting mountain range, containing some of the world's most beautiful mountains. On this 3-week trip we enjoy mountaineering in the Cordillera Blanca to the full by climbing in two different areas, beginning in the secluded Ishinka valley, working up to an ascent of Tocllaraju (a superb 6000m peak), then travelling north to devote the second part of the trip to climbing the impressive Chopicalqui (6400m), a superb summit in the Huascaran region.

For people with Alpine and ice-climbing experience, we recommend this as an ideal first expedition to the greater ranges.

Resting In The Summit Day

Arctic Greenland Climb and Ski - Stauning Alps

This expedition will be a low ratio, climbing and ski exploration into the heart of the Stauning Alps region just north of Scoresby Sound the biggest Fjord system in the world.

The Stauning Alps are an Alpine coastal region of granite peaks 500km north of the Arctic Circle. They are within the North-East Greenland National Park, at 972,000 square kilometers, the largest in the world. The Stauning mountain range themselves cover about 2500 square kilometers, or several times the size of the Swiss Bernese Oberland.