Family Climbing Days

(For up to 4 people per guide - but charged at the 2 person guiding rate)

Guiding & Coaching

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These rock climbing days are provided for families who would like to have a fun time climbing together in complete safety whilst learning some valuable techniques.

The course is very much tailored to the needs of the family, whether to achieve a fun and dynamic activity day or a more instructional day geared to learning new skills. In practice a balance can be achieved between these, giving all the family an enjoyable, worthwhile and rewarding experience.

The course can also be a useful preparation for a range of ISM alpine courses such as Introductory AlpinISM, Summits and Skills, Student Alpine week and Swiss Via Ferratas. It also provides an opportunity to discuss any alpine aspirations and how to achieve them.


The following skills are covered (as appropriate):

  • Basic rope work (knots and hitches)
  • Belaying techniques, how to hold falls and dealing with weight differentials such as a child belaying an adult
  • Coaching of climbing techniques (balance and footwork (smearing and edging), using handholds (jamming, crimping, palming, pressing) and other valuable techniques (bridging chimneying, rock-overs, dynamic moves, long reaches)
  • Effective communication on the crag
  • Single-pitch climbing & multi-pitch
  • Abseiling and protecting an abseil
  • Use of natural protection (wires, cams, slings, hexcentrics and chocks)
  • Setting up of anchors to make a secure belay
  • Stance organisation
  • Using prussiks
  • Judgement in rock climbing (perhaps the biggest safety factor)
  • Next step - how to develop your rock climbing after the course

Course Dates

Please call +44 1539 721561 for availability