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The Urner Alps - alpine rock paradise, by Terry Ralphs

​The Urner Alps is the region of granite peaks situated in Central Switzerland, around the Furka Pass in the south and Susten Pass in the north.
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Best deal on Equipment

​We have had various arrangements with retailers over the years but I would like to draw your attention to a particularly interesting one we have set up with The Outdoor Shop in Milton Keynes.
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ISM/Marmot Partnership - ISM Team announcement

​We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Marmot. The brand is part of the K2 Inc family of brands and their UK interests are headed up by Paul Casey, one of the most experienced and enthusiastic figures in the UK Outdoor trade.
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Ice Climbing Kit Check by Adrian Nelhams

The gritters have been out and I’ve been scraping my car at least 5 mornings this week, a sure sign that winter’s just around the corner.
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Sun Rock on Sardinia by Adrian Nelhams

​Sardinia or Sardenja as the locals spell and pronounce it, is the second largest island in the Mediterranean -120km off the west coast of Italy.
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ISM Virgin Peaks Expedition 05 by Pat Littlejohn

In September we ran our second ISM trip to the Central Borkoldoy region of the Tien Shan. Only one word for the trip - brilliant!
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ISM Central Borkoldoy Expedition - September 2005

The central area of the Borkoldoy range in SE Kyrgyzstan is a group of superb ‘alpine’ peaks which are well-defended on every side by chains of slightly lower mountains.
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Sandstone Towers in Ethiopia by Pat Littlejohn

Ethiopia is nothing like you imagine. Events like Band Aid and Live Aid have portrayed an image of famine and war which gets us to give generously but unfortunately kills any hope of a tourist industry.
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Heaven and Ice

Heaven, well that’s easy; Coat me in chocolate, roll me in a barrel of nuts, then feed me to a handful of beautiful girls who haven’t eaten for a week! Ice, well that’s not so easy to explain, forever changing and always an unknown, that’s the challenge of waterfall ice.
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The Client’s Eye on the Guide Guy!

ISM is a TLA (three letter acronym) that connotes quality. For me, this was re-confirmed on the recent Canadian Ice Special. This trip was two weeks in ice climbing paradise resulting in over 1,400 metres of climbing at, or above, Waterfall Ice grade 4.
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