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Winter first ascents in Canada by Adrian Nelhams

Another great season icefall climbing in Switzerland is over, with a lot of ice formed and, as usual, very few people around to crowd things. That same theme continued on another very successful trip to Canada.
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ISM Central Borkoldoy Expedition - September 2004

The central area of the Borkoldoy range in SE Kyrgyzstan is a group of superb ‘alpine’ peaks (which are well-defended on every side by chains of slightly lower mountains) situated to the north of the Dankova group in the West Kokshaal-Too range.
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ISM - Virgin Peaks of the Tien Shan - 2003

The Borkoldoy range is a limestone massif situated north of the Dankova region of the West Kokshaal-Too. Apart from British expeditions in 1995 and 2002, which operated in the NE and SW corners of the group, the range is little-explored by mountaineers.
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ISM West Kokshaal-too Expedition, 2002

In early September an International School of Mountaineering expedition reached the West Kokshaal-Too range on the Kyrgyzstan/China border.
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Mountain Info - High magazine, August 2000

Pat Littlejohn, assisted by two guides, Alain Delizee from Switzerland and Kyrgyzstan’s foremost commercial operator Vladimir Komissarov, organized his third ISM expedition to the Western Kokshaal-Too during September.
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