Terry Ralphs to be BMG Training Officer

ISM guide and director Terry Ralphs has just been voted Training Officer Elect for the British Mountain Guides. This is an important position carrying a lot of responsibility, and it shows a high degree of trust from the Guides' Association in Terry's technical expertise and organisational ability.

43a Terry-in-front-of-the-Abeniflue-by-Simon-Wood
43b Terry-on-Arete-Vierge-Gd-Muveran
43c Terry-skiing-off-piste-above-Leysin

In taking up the post he will become a director of the BMG and will report to the BMG membership and management committee on all training matters.

Including the 'elect' year, this is a 5-year term during which Terry will take overall responsibility for the training and assessment of BMG guides - from acceptance on to the scheme as a 'Trainee' through all stages of 'Aspirant Guide' until being awarded the full Guides Carnet.

From an ISM perspective we are proud to have Terry taking up this role and look forward to supporting it in many ways, particularly with regard to alpine-based activities. Technical excellence has always been a goal of our instructional courses and we are fortunate that several members of our guiding team are trainers/assessors for various Guides' associations in different parts of the world. Terry is currently one of ISM's key director/guides in the ice climbing, ski-touring and summer mountaineering programmes, and he brings a high level of technical expertise to all these areas.

As well as organising all BMG training and assessment courses, Terry will represent the training committee at the IFMGA (the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations) and liaise with IFMGA countries on training issues (in order to keep the BMG scheme current and standards in line with other countries of the IFMGA).

Terry's personal mission statement for his new role includes promoting the Guides' scheme to young alpinists (to ensure that the BMG has a healthy new intake), to keep the scheme open and transparent and to use the highly professional and dedicated skills of the BMG Training Committee to help maintain the highest standards.

We wish Terry every success in his new role.