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A warm welcome to the International School of Mountaineering Ltd, a guiding organisation dedicated to sharing the skills, enjoyment and adventure of mountaineering in all its aspects.

Our expertise has been developing through 50 years of operation and the combined experience of our guiding team is probably unrivalled anywhere in the world. This is the key to our continuing success in striving to provide the best mountaineering courses, Ski-Tours and Trek & Summit weeks while maintaining an outstanding safety record.

We look forward to climbing with you!

Latest news

ISM Kyrgyzstan (Pamirs) Virgin Summits Expedition 2015

ISM Kyrgyzstan Virgin Summits Expedition 2015
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ISM Celebrating 50 years

ISM Celebrating 50 years of alpinISM
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Upcoming Courses

Ice Climbing Skills

Level 1   Instruction & Coaching
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Technical Alpine Icefalls

Level 3   Guiding & Coaching
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Classic Alpine Icefalls

Level 2   Instruction & Coaching
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Thanks to all who attended our celebrations. Here's to the next 50 years! https://t.co/FP4pz2WzAo

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