Ski Narvik, Norway

Ski Narvik and you'll experience the great wilderness around the peninsula of this remote arctic outpost and the mountains surrounding the beautiful fjords lower down, whilst enjoying some of the best alpine skiing in Norway. You might also catch a glimpse of the northern lights?

Level 2 Guiding & Coaching

6 days 7 nights

Prerequisites: Ski Touring Skills (Instructional Course) Or equivalent

Price: £1845*

* Fully inclusive price

 Course Dates

Course Highlights

  • Ski fantastic peaks rising directly from the sea in a remote artic environment
  • Unspoilt and untamed wilderness
  • Ski from sea level, through arctic forests, across glaciers to beautiful ridges
  • Breath taking views
  • Offers a huge variety of skiing.
  • Fjordland skiing with the option of skiing touring the wild peak above the high plateau around Riksgransen.
  • Lift access skiing in Narvik and Riksgransen if needed.
  • Fresh, locally caught seafood and Norwegian hospitality
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The region around Narvik offers fantastic opportunities for the ski tourer. In the west we have peaks that tower above the fjords and in the east, just over the border in Sweden, we have a much higher and colder range around Riksgransen. This gives us plenty of scope to find great conditions even if the temperatures are warm and the snow line high. There are also two ski resorts close by, one in Narvik (the highest in Norway, with almost 900m of descent) and the other at Rikgransen. The aim of this trip is to ski tour but sometimes it is nice to take advantage of the powder with the help of some uplift.

Narvik is a famous and strategic port being used to transport the iron ore from the mines in Kiruna (Sweden). It was the scene of a big sea battle between the Germans and British in the Second World War. The British made a surprise attack to regain control of the port only to lose it a few weeks later when the Norwegians were forced to surrender. The wrecks of the German boats remain.

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Is The Course For Me?

Ski ability required: Effective turns off-piste and good general fitness. Ski Touring Skills experience or equivalent courses or experience necessary. Most peaks will require between 800m to 1600m of ascent.

Sample Programme

The course will endeavour to give you a varied taste of the great skiing available in the region and will allow you the opportunity to explore the more remote peaks and enjoy long descents such as:

Spanstinden (1457m). 1050m vertical climb This is a great warm up peak and gives nice uniform slopes to ski. Starting at 400m above sea level just about guarantees that we step from the car to the skis.

Storefjellet (1633m). 1550m vertical climb. This glaciated peak gives a big day out on interesting and complex terrain.

Storstiensfjellet (1893m) 1200m vertical climb. This is the highest summit in the Narvik region and is glaciated.

Rombakstotta (1230m) 1100m vertical climb. A magnificent Matterhorn looking peak which is climbed from the back side (west).

Gangnesaksla (1318m) 1300m vertical climb. A meandering ascent gives access to one of the most impressive gullies in Norway to ski. It is very spectacular and a must for anyone who can ski 40* comfortably.

Sandviktinden (1543m) 1200m vertical climb. Nice long easy angled peak although care needs to avoid the cliff line.

Bjorbfjell (760m) 760m vertical climb. An easy half day.

Titinden (795m) 795m vertical climb. This gives us beautiful open easy angle slopes.

And of course, there are many more peaks on offer in this region.

Course Dates

Week Start Finish Price  
19 2 May 2020 9 May 2020 £1845 Full