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International School of Mountaineering

Dolomites in May - far from the crowds, by Adrian Nelhams

​Right foot hard on the boards and our economy class Fiat Panda’s now at full tilt! The world isn’t exactly flashing by, but it will do fine. ‘Do you think it’s got enough grunt for the Alpine passes?’ Will muttered. I looked across at him, smiled and pressed my right foot down even harder.

40a The-massive-South-Face-of-Tofana-di-Roses
40b Cranking-up-the-steep-wall-of-Piz-Ciavazes
40c The-huge-South-wall-of-Piz-Ciavazes
40d Delicate-climbing-low-down-on-the-3rd-Sella-Tower
40e The-beautiful-Torre-Barrancio-in-the-Cinque-Torri-group

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