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Pat Littlejohn Interview

​Dave Pickford, Editor of CLIMB magazine, spoke to Pat Littlejohn in October 2012. Read the full interview here.


I couldn’t reverse or place any protection so I just hung there for an agonizing 10 minutes while every bit of strength drained away. I was convinced that if I fell the rope would either break or cut me in half!

62a Pat-R-Steve-Jones-C-Dick-Renshaw-L-below-Dru-in-1971-before-American-Direct-R
62b Hyperspace-1-Pat-Littlejohn
62c Fou-S-Face-R-Pat-Littlejohn

In my view cliffs and mountain faces are as much part of the natural environment as any other part of the landscape, and as climbers we simply don’t have the right to cover them in metal fixtures for our own convenience.

63b Pat-Littlejohn-on-Taweche-R

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