Course Equipment Information

All ISM courses require some specialist mountaineering equipment. We have a good kit store and can lend you free of charge much of the basic equipment for your course.

Find out more about each course's specific kit requirements on the following pages.

Alpine Mountaineering Equipment

ISM will supply ropes and climbing hardware, however if you have booked onto a Technical AlpinISM course are requested to bring a rack of nuts, 6 quickdraws and 3 or 4 ice screws if you have them. A gear rack (with 1-2 ice screws) is also useful on our Classic AlpinISM course.

View the full Alpine Mountaineering Equipment kit list.


Trek and Summit Weeks

Dressing properly for the mountains can make the difference between an enjoyable trip and an uncomfortable one. Clothing should give the right degree of warmth for the activity, wick perspiration and be easy to ventilate.

View the full Trek and Summit Weeks Equipment kit list.


Ice Climbing (Winter) Equipment

Experienced climbers will find it best to bring their own tried and tested personal equipment. ISM will supply ropes and climbing hardware.

View the full Ice Climbing (Winter) Equipment kit list.


Boots and Crampons

Boots and footwear choice is perhaps the single most important decision of all when considering your mountaineering equipment. It is important that your boots are waterproof as all our courses involve walking on snow-covered (wet) glaciers.  Your choice of boots will depend on which course you are planning to do.

View the full Boots and Crampons guidance notes.


Ski Touring and Off-Piste Equipment

With so many good skis on the market and constantly changing designs it can be difficult to choose the right skis. This may be a little easier if you're a committed ski tourer, but if it's your first time then you may wish to consider hiring skis..

View the full Ski Touring and Off-Piste Equipment kit list.