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Canadian Icefalls

Climb in the Rocky Mountains of western Canada and you’re in for a feast. This is the Mecca for modern day mixed and icefall climbing. 33,000sq kilometres of National Park wilderness complete with moose, grizzly bears, cougars and of course, acres of beautiful ice.

Level 2 Guiding & Coaching

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Prerequisites: Ice Climbing Skills Or equivalent

Price From: £1745

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This year ISM is offering 2 weeks of icefall climbing in the Canadian Rockies. The first week is centred around climbing many of the classic icefalls in and around Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and the famous Icefields Parkway. Participants booking onto this first week are expected to have at least the basic knowledge and icefall climbing skills to enjoy the many classics routes that we will be tackling. Even if you're a seasoned ice climber but have never been to the Rockies icefall climbing before, this first week would give you a real flavour of some of the great Rockies classic's around grade WI4. The second week is best taken as a continuation of our first week, and will be on more technical ice, Or, as a stand alone week for those of you who have good prior icefall climbing experience.

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If you would like to enjoy some of the great classics that the Canadian Rockies is so famous for, then if you have done a basic ice climbing skills course previously and have the ability to second WI4, you can enjoy routes such as Lake Louise Falls, Professor's Falls, Weeping Wall, Guinness Gully and many other classic WI4 routes in the Parks. The second week gives you the chance to extend that classic haul of routes by travelling through both Alberta and British Columbia making the most of the conditions and temperatures at that time, but also the chance to step it up a grade to takle the more technical icefalls.

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The second week, whether you are following on from an initial week of climbing with us in the Rockies or are just arriving (but have prior icefall climbing experience) you'll enjoy 'road trips' out to steep, adventurous ribons of beautiful chrome ice! Both weeks are 'mobile' and we do not stay in only one place. This maximises the opportunities for climbing to make the most of your holiday.

We start in Banff and then plan the days depending on the snow conditions and temperatures, possibly heading through to Lake Louise, Field in British Columbia and up the Famous Icefields Parkway towards Jasper and climbing routes such as Whitemans Falls, Carlsberg Column, Super Bok, Polar Circus and Upper Weeping Wall.

If conditions allow we may also try to access the Ghost Valley area close to both Canmore and Calgary to climb some of the more committing classics such as The Sorcerer and Hydrophobia.

This trip is basically one or two weeks of amazing icefall climbing amongst the backdrop of the Canadian Rockies wilderness, with adventure and road trips to access these great lines. It's also generally quiet, with few teams on many of the major line.

If you are interested in joining either or both weeks please contact Adrian Nelhams for further information adriannelhams@alpin-ism.com

Please Note: Accommodation on this course is on a bed and breakfast basis - click on Information Sheet for full details.

Course Dates

Week Start Finish Price  
10 1 Mar 2020 7 Mar 2020 £1745 Full
11 8 Mar 2020 14 Mar 2020 £1745 Full