Hard Rock Classics

(up to 2 people per guide, 1 day to 5 day programme)

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The 'Hard Rock' routes encompass the great climbs of Joe Brown and Don Whillans in North Wales and those of pioneers like Arthur Dolphin and Jim Birkett in the Lake District. This course is suitable for experienced climbers who would find these routes a little too stiff at the sharp end.

Documented in the book 'Hard Rock', the quality of these routes is such that we never tire of doing them. It is our pleasure to guide you up great cliffs like Cloggy and Gogarth or the Central Buttress of Scafell. The number of high calibre climbs is considerable and you have the option of tackling them in a block of several days or a series of one-day visits over a year or more.

Either way you can't fail to gain a deep appreciation of the unique climbing heritage we have in this country.

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