Lead Rock Climbing

(Up to 3 people per guide, 2 days minimum recommended)

Instruction & Coaching

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Prerequisites: Rock Climbing Introduction Rock Climbing Improvers Or equivalent

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This course is intended for people with previous climbing experience outdoors, preferably those who have done a Rock Improvers course or similar. We'll get straight into coaching lead climbing, both on single and multi-pitch routes, building both confidence and ability to become more independent at that grade. We'll look at all the mechanics and skills required to safeguard lead climbing as much as possible and also your own personal climbing technique. Part of the course will also cover general crag safety, abseiling and basic rescue techniques,which will also help build confidence when out climbing for yourself. This course   also help to build your experience if you are considering our Technical AlpinISM course in the Alps, giving you a good understanding about lead climbing before moving into a bigger alpine environment.

Teaching Leading

Skills covered on the course include:

  • A review of all the skills covered in the Rock Climbing Improvers course
  • Preparation of equipment
  • Mental preparation
  • Safe leading practices
  • Using the full range of natural protection
  • Route choice and route finding
  • Stance organisation
  • Abseiling and retreating from the lead
  • Avoiding potential problems (such as rope jams, protection falling out)
  • Adequately protecting your second at all times
  • Emergency procedures (when things don’t go quite as smoothly as planned) such as abseiling past a knot, hoist systems, escaping the system, evacuating an injured climber
  • Judgement in rock climbing (perhaps the biggest safety factor)

Course Dates

Please call +44 1539 721561 for availability