Rock Climbing Introduction

(1- 4 people per guide, 2 days minimum recommended)

Instruction & Coaching

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This course is intended for the complete beginner or novice climber, who would like to learn the skills of safe rock climbing. The aim is to give you a simple, safe, effective and versatile system for rock climbing, which should allow you to develop your own climbing at the end of the course.

It is also ideal for people who climb regularly indoors and want to gain experience/transfer skills to the more serious outdoor environment of multi-pitch climbing

The course can be adapted to give useful preparation for the Alps, as it will give you a firm grasp of moving efficiently on technical ground and also a solid foundation of skills for security on steeper and more exposed rock terrain. It gives good preparation for many ISM courses such as ‘Summits & Skills 4000m’ and ‘Student Alpine week’’.

Skills covered on the course include:

  • Rope work (knots, hitches, rope coiling methods)
  • Belaying techniques and how to hold falls
  • Coaching of climbing techniques including balance and footwork (smearing and edging), using handholds (jamming, crimping, palming) and other valuable techniques (bridging chimneying, rock-overs, dynamic moves, long reaches)
  • Effective communication (an important safety feature)
  • Efficient use of the climbing equipment (handling the rope and karabiners etc)
  • Organisation of the hardware on the harness
  • Use of natural protection (wires, cams, slings, hexcentrics and chocks)
  • Setting up of anchors to make a secure belay
  • Stance organisation
  • Abseiling with prussic protection
  • Using prussiks
  • Judgement in rock climbing (perhaps the biggest safety factor)
  • Next step - how to develop your rock climbing after the course

Course Dates

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