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Waterfall Ice Safety Leaflet

ISM has produced a 'Waterfall Ice' safety leaflet, which we hope highlights potential hazards and help with decision making when chosing an ice route to climb this winter.
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Wild Horses

The first ascent of an ice climb in the Canadian Rockies
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Ice Screws and Accessories

A look at Ice Screws, Leashes, Clipper systems and V-Threaders
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A look at Petzl's climbing and mountaineering crampons.
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Ice Axes

Some thoughts on the Petzl range of Ice axes
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Alpine Icefall Climbing

Icefall climbing - article on some classic venues in the Alps by Adrian Nelhams
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The Wild Side

An article Adrian Nelhams wrote for Climb Magazine (July/August Issue 139)
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ISM Virgin Summits Expedition 2017 Trip Report

Areas visited: Central At-Bashi Range, Kashkaratash River Valley, Tien Shan also Tash Rabat and Son-Kul
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Transceiver and Avalanche Rescue

With winter fast approaching, ISM Mountain Guide Terry Ralphs gives an indepth view on transceivers and avalanche rescue.
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ISM Kyrgyzstan (Pamirs) Virgin Summits Expedition 2016

Area visited – The Eastern Zaalay Range at the Eastern end of the Trans Alai Range.
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