Transceiver Group Check

Checking your transceiver and the transceivers of others in your group, before venturing out into avalanche terrain.
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What to take Icefall climbing

Adrian Nelhams talks to you about what's in his rucksack when he goes icefall climbing
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Snow Shovels - advice and recommendations

Snow shovels have many uses in the mountains, such as making shelters, analysing the snow pack by digging a snow pit, creating a platform, and digging in avalanche debris.
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Expedition Climbing and Planning a Trip

Some thoughts that may be helpful when planning your trip or expedition.
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Using 'Avalanche Probes' and advice for buying

Probes are really useful for the back-country skier, as they can be used for probing the layers in the snow to help analyse avalanche stability, probing for the depth of the snow and for locating avalanche victims.
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Review of the Barryvox S Transceiver.

For over a decade the Mammut Pulse has been the top transceiver on the market. Mammut have now introduced its predecessor, the Barryvox S. Incidentally Barry(vox) was a famous Grand St Bernard dog who rescued a lot of travellers passing over the Grand St Bernard pass many years ago.
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ISM Virgin Summits Expedition 2018 Trip Report

Areas visited - Bishkek, Western end of the At-Bashi Range in the Tien Shan, Tash Rabat, Son Kool Canyon and the World Nomad Games in Cholpon Ata
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Arc’teryx Procline Lite Ski Boot Review.

Arc’teryx aren’t very well known for their ski boots, so I was very interested to see how the Procline Lite ski boot performed, both ski touring and ice climbing.
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Summer Newsletter 2018

Our latest newsletter is out now. Please click the link to read all the latest information.
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Waterfall Ice Safety Leaflet

ISM has produced a 'Waterfall Ice' safety leaflet, which we hope highlights potential hazards and help with decision making when chosing an ice route to climb this winter.
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