Insurance Information

Although ISM's safety record is oustanding, mountaineering is a hazardous activity and accidents do occasionally happen.

All ISM clients must have insurance cover for mountain rescue and medical costs resulting from an accident in the mountains (also On- and Off-Piste skiing for ski tours). This cover is not provided by normal travel insurance.

UK RESIDENTS may obtain full mountaineering insurance cover from:

Snowcard tel: +44 (0)844 826 2699, web: Snowcard
BMC tel: +44 (0)161 445 6111, web: The BMC

You can obtain automatic cover for rescue and some medical costs (resulting from an accident) by joining the Austrian Alpine Club Tel: +44 (0)1929 556870, web: Austrian Alpine Club . AAC insurance gives far more limited cover especially for medical expenses, and we strongly recommend supplementing it with cover from another provider. Please be sure that you're happy with the cover you have. Please contact the ISM office if you need further advice.

Please check that your insurance covers cancellation!

Alpine Clubs. By joining any of the major Alpine Clubs (Swiss, French or Austrian) or by obtaining a Reciprocal Rights card from the BMC, you can obtain reductions of up to 50% in hut fees. This is especially useful for people staying on in the Alps after a course.