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Kyrgyzstan – once seen never forgotten. The Tien Shan, which has been crossed for centuries by Silk Road traders, wandered along by generations of nomads, and was the battleground of Jenghis Khan and other warring tribes, remains very much today as it was centuries ago.
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Canadian Rockies First Ascent by Adrian Nelhams

We headed back up Totem Creek, after a semi rest day climbing over in Field. Our old tracks clearly visible in the unconsolidated sugar snow weaving around the boulders in the creek bed & around Canadian Pines & Silver Birch growing thick & dense up from the banks searching for firmer ground.
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Spring Newsletter

In the Alps, the heavy winter snows and continuing cold weather have given perfect ski touring conditions for April and May, and the promise of great mountaineering conditions for the summer.
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Pat Littlejohn Interview

​Dave Pickford, Editor of CLIMB magazine, spoke to Pat Littlejohn in October 2012. Read the full interview here.
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2012 Expedition Report – Tien Shan

Initially the expedition set out to explore the Kokgart region of the Kokshal range, which lies to the west of the established climbing, opposite the military base of Orto Kaskasu.
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Courses for Challenge and Enjoyment

​Mountaineering is a wonderfully diverse sport. It changes its nature with the seasons, and by the time we reach ‘high summer’ Britons have traditionally been drawn to bigger mountains, more often than not to those on our doorstep – The Alps!
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Climbing on Gran Canaria by Pat Littlejohn

​Each year many of us wonder where we can go in the depths of winter to climb in warm weather. Spain can be great of course, but last year (Jan/Feb 2010) it suffered several freezing-cold periods, as did the eastern Mediterranean.
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Kyrgyzstan 2010 – ISM At Bashi Expeditions

​Two ISM expeditions led by Pat Littlejohn visited the Tien Shan in 2010, with the aim of exploring the At Bashi range, a 100km-long spine of ‘alpine peaks’ up to 4788m in height.
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ISM Instructional Courses by Pat Littlejohn

​The amount of climbing in the Alps is vast and it makes good sense for anyone into climbing and mountaineering to be able to take full advantage of this amazing mountaineering playground.
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ISM Guide climbs hard mixed route in the Lakes

​Some fantastic winter conditions in the Lake District this winter saw ISM guide Adrian Nelhams & climbing partner Tim Lofthouse climb a superb new winter line on Neckband Crag in Great Langdale.
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