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ISM Kyrgyzstan (Pamirs) Virgin Summits Expedition 2015

ISM Kyrgyzstan Virgin Summits Expedition 2015
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ISM Celebrating 50 years

ISM Celebrating 50 years of alpinISM
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Article in 'The Professional Mountaineer' on Heuristic Traps

Article in 'The Professional Mountaineer' on Heuristic Traps by Adrian Nelhams
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BMG Guides Summer Rock 1

IFMGA British Mountain Guides Summer Rock 1 training course, held here in the Lakes District.
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ISM West Kokshal-Too Expedition

At the start of September we made the now familiar trip via Naryn to the Kokshal range and established base camp at the delightful lake below the west side of the Navlikin Glacier.
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Arc'teryx Psiphon AR Pant review

Our new partnership with Arc’teryx has meant that we’ve had a good look at the range of kit they offer and also had the chance to test a number of great pieces.
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The Dolomites Ski Safari

Every time I drive back to the Dolomites I get very excited. I've seen many mountains in my life, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Just thinking about the fact that you are actually skiing (or climbing) over an old coral reef, is simply mind boggling!
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Kyrgyzstan 2014

As each Kyrgyzstan trip approaches, one can’t help but get a little excited.
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Fond memories of Pete Boardman

Frank Wieler, an ISM client now living in Vancouver, Canada, still has fond memories from an ISM Winter Mountaineering course back in 1978 which was guided by the then ISM Director Pete Boardman.
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The Mittellegi Integral

One of the best known peaks in the Alps, mainly due to the much publicised North Face exploits in the 1930’s and the eventual ascent by Harrer, Heckmair, Kasparek and Vorg in 1938.
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