Ski Touring Equipment Advice

The ski touring market has been developing really quickly in the last few years, putting all sorts of new types of skis, boots, and bindings on the market. This gives us a very confusing choice and I am going to try and give some direction on which type of equipment is best for back country skiing.
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Off-Piste Ski Technique: Five Key Focus Points

The transition from skiing on the piste to being an off-piste skier is often a very difficult one.
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Winter Ice Climbing Kit – Get ready for the Ice!

With winter fast approaching, now is a good time to check your kit!
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Heading to Kalymnos for the first time?
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ISM Summer Alpine Conditions

When is the best time in the summer to climb in the Alps?
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ISM Kyrgyzstan (Pamirs) Virgin Summits Expedition 2015

ISM Kyrgyzstan Virgin Summits Expedition 2015
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ISM Celebrating 50 years

ISM Celebrating 50 years of alpinISM
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Article in 'The Professional Mountaineer' on Heuristic Traps

Article in 'The Professional Mountaineer' on Heuristic Traps by Adrian Nelhams
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BMG Guides Summer Rock 1

IFMGA British Mountain Guides Summer Rock 1 training course, held here in the Lakes District.
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ISM West Kokshal-Too Expedition

At the start of September we made the now familiar trip via Naryn to the Kokshal range and established base camp at the delightful lake below the west side of the Navlikin Glacier.
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